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3rd-May-2009 12:26 pm - icon sharing meme
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So thanks for voting (or not voting xD) in the poll. If you did, I loved your input. So the one idea that I loved was the whole "ICON SPAM PLZ" :DD

icon sharing meme

~ comment with 10 (or more, just don't take over the page :D) of your favourite fandom icons
~ remember to give credit to the makers
~ pimp your favourite icon comm

Pimp the meme:

Note: no flaming people's choice of icons, please. If I see any "OMFG THIS ICON SUCKZ K SO LYKE GTFO" I'm taking the post down. Be nice, spread the love :D
2nd-May-2009 07:44 pm - New k-pop community for Canadians!
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With permission from flumina :)

As a mod of the canada_kpop community, I would like to invite all Canadians to join the k-pop community where you can connect with all sorts of k-pop lovers in Canada. Posting is open to all members as long as it relates to k-pop and/or Canada and it must follow the rules. If you have any questions, please message freepureangel or myself. Drop by the community's profile and check it out! Thanks! :D
2nd-Apr-2009 08:06 pm - F.T. Island Friending Meme

F.T. Island Friending Meme :)

fill out this form:

thanks for participating :)

note from mods:
we would really appreciate it if you guys took the time to consider joining our comm. we are an entertainment news community, dedicated to bringing you the latest music download links, gossip, and news. thanks! ♥

pimp it!

your mods.

CM = your smile
It was announced, earlier this week, that Epik High's new book-album Map the Soul would be released on March 27, 2009.
The group will be selling the album directly to the fans through the website www.mapthesoul.com, and without the help of any major record label. They are, instead, sporting a shiny "Map the Soul Inc." on their youtube channel. Their reason for doing this is so they can reduce the prices for the Book Album, stating that "our kids" wouldn't be able to buy an album and a book for the prices that a company gives.

The book-album is just as it sounds, and was meant to inspire the youth to tap into their creativity, and do things accordingly.

Let's wish Epik High good luck, thought they probably won't need it since fans crashed the website on March 22nd, with over 300,000 hits, it's not easy releasing an album by yourself.

credits: allkpop, Map the Soul website, Map the Soul YT Channel
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